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At the beginning of the 2020 pandemic, the world was shut down but All Skates Go To Heaven was just being born. We are a vibrant event-based skating community currently stationed in South Florida. Often referred to as “All Skates” for short, the name hinges on the idea that all types of skates, all ages and all levels are welcome. 

What started as a few like minded friends just out for some socially distant exercise quickly converged into a highly addicting endorphin filled movement. We were just seven friends that gathered behind the FTX Arena with one big Bluetooth speaker as we tried to dance on our skates. One flyer picked up by a WhatsApp group quickly became the catalyst that helped grow those seven people into seven hundred.  

Fast forward to now and we are a community of over 1400 skaters that prides itself on prioritizing the joy and freedom of being on eight wheels. Our mission is to create a safe space for beginner, intermediate and advanced skaters of all ages who just want to have fun and get transported to roller-skating Heaven. Our Heaven can be defined as a place that is free from stress and the worries of the real world. Once there, we hope that skaters obtain their own self-confidence, coordination and individual expression through the shared love of movement. All Skates Go To Heaven strives to continue to cultivate a community of courage and creativity while fostering lifelong family felt friendships. 


Skater // founder

Lindsey Koggan

Lindsey Koggan is a rollerskating enthusiast and a lover of film production. In February of 2020, she decided to fuse the two, with hopes of building up the Miami Skate Community and reviving the 1990’s all over again.

For Inquiries, please contact: lindseykoggan@gmail.com

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